Like Having a Desk Reference

A comprehensive guide right at your fingertips and with you all the time

The Approved Mobile Guide To Essential Oils

The only essential oil app certified by Young Living

Manage Your Inventory

Be the first to know what is in-stock or out-of-stock at Young Living



What's in the app?

  • The only essential oil app approved Young Living
  • One-time purchase of the app
  • A desk reference, right on your phone
  • Uses for and information about every oil and blend
  • In-stock & out-of-stock notifications
  • My Personal Inventory tracks what you have
  • Business Resource Center can help you learn the business
  • Get exclusive content with Young Living To You (YL2U)
  • Monthly giveaway to our users
  • More tools available with OilyApp Plus

Go to the Next Level with OilyApp Plus

OilyApp provides the basic services and support that many Young Living distributors rely on. Yet, some Young Living entrepreneurs want more oily tools. They are looking to put more into their businesses and get more out of them too. It is for these types of people that we offer OilyApp Plus. Unlike OilyApp, which has a one-time download fee, OilyApp Plus is available on a low-cost subscription basis. It is an add-on to OilyApp that you can subscribe to for as long as you’d like. For less than the cost of a latte, OilyApp Plus provides you with monthly features as well as access to ALL our accumulated content (a library that is growing constantly).