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Frequently Asked Questions about OilyApp

Find out more about OilyApp, the only certified Young Living essential oils app.

  1. How can OilyApp help me as a Young Living distributor?
    OilyApp serves as a desk reference, conveniently located on your phone, which contains relevant and current information on the properties and uses of each essential oil. In addition, OilyApp features an inventory system which not only allows you to track your supply of essential oils but also connects you with the Young Living corporate system to be the first to know when oils come into or go out of stock. Finally, OilyApp gives you access to a range of Young Living business tools that can help you run your business more successfully. Visit The App page to learn more.
  2. Can I trust the information in OilyApp?
    Yes! OilyApp is the only essential oil app which is approved by Young Living, and therefore all information contained on the app is verified by Young Living.
  3. Is there any ongoing cost for OilyApp?
    No. OilyApp has a one-time fee at the time of download. After that you are free to use OilyApp for as long as you would like.
  4. What’s in the future for OilyApp?
    We are always looking at how we can improve OilyApp and add new features that will benefit our customers. Additional features under consideration include the capability to create a wish list.
  5. Will OilyApp be replaced by OilyApp Plus?
    Absolutely not! OilyApp is a stand-alone app which gives you access to all its benefits (see Question 1) without OilyApp Plus. In contrast, OilyApp Plus is an optional web-based add-on to Oily which gives you access to even more resources.

OilyApp Frequently Asked Questions about OilyApp Plus

  1. Is OilyApp Plus an app?
    No. OilyApp Plus is a web-based experience. It is mobile friendly so you’ll be able to login on your smartphone, but everything is hosted from this website. However, you can create a shortcut button on your smartphone screen, thereby giving you a bookmark to go straight to OilyApp Plus and login.
  2. What does my OilyApp Plus membership include?
    With your OilyApp Plus membership, you will receive instant access to the monthly class (videos and script), the “JB in 60” videos, our best graphics, and more. You will receive instant access to everything in our library PLUS every future month release. Visit the OilyApp Plus page to learn more.
  3. Is there a contract for OilyApp Plus membership?
    No, you can cancel anytime.
  4. Will OilyApp Plus work on my phone?
    Yes. Our website is mobile responsive; it will work on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. You can log in with your user name and password from any and all of your devices.
  5. Can my husband/wife and I share an account?
    Yes. As long as you share a user name and password for our site, you can both log in and out from any of your devices.