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Welcome To OilyApp!

We here at OilyApp are SO glad you are here! OilyApp provides you with amazing digital and physical resources to further your knowledge of Young Living products & lifestyle, as well as providing a wonderful community where you can enjoy, experience and share your love of natural health and wellness with a vibrant community!

OilyApp provides educational resources – both digital and physical – to help you grow in your knowledge of all Young Living products and live a natural lifestyle of health and wellness. We also provide knowledge on body systems, function and specific and overall wellness for those body systems so you are enabled to intentionally and usefully apply Young Living products to each of the systems of your body – and to the important areas of your life like exercise and fitness, personal and family, work and fun!

  • The only essential oil app approved by Young Living
  • OilyApp Plus = AWESOME digital courses = Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton & others
  • Beautiful books FULL of great EO, body systems & lifestyle knowledge
  • Super cool swag
  • Online members lounge for community, special videos and more
  • Virtual and in-person events for #teamYL & Medical Freedom

OilyApp - The Mobile App

It all started with a desire to develop an app that highlighted Young Living’s Premium Starter Kits – their products and uses. One idea led to another and now we have an incredible mobile app that is officially approved by Young Living as a phenomenal teaching resource. But it offers so much more!

  • The only essential oil app approved Young Living
  • One-time purchase of only $5.99
  • A desk reference, right on your phone
  • Uses & information for every YL oil, supplement & oil-infused product
  • 60 second videos by Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton on every product
  • In-stock & out-of-stock notifications of all YL products
  • Personal Inventory to manage your YL inventory
  • Business Resources to help you take your YL business to the next level
  • Exclusive video content with Young Living To You (YL2U)
  • Monthly giveaway to our users
  • More tools available with OilyApp Plus

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Go Next Level With OilyApp Plus

Our initial vision was to make a mobile app that only covered the Premium Starter Kits. That vision has greatly expanded, as has our entire vision here at OilyApp.

Enter OilyApp Plus. It started with a call to Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton to create “JB in 60” videos – 60 second videos for all YL products. Then, JB called me up and gave the vision for what could come next – OilyApp Plus. He wanted to bring all his amazing knowledge and teaching on YL products, lifestyle and body systems into OilyApp! It was a no brainer.

OilyApp Plus is a library of AMAZING digital content – courses/classes, graphics, PDF downloads & more of Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton and other amazing YL leaders teaching on all things YL. This includes YL products, how to use them and how to integrate them into total health, wellness & lifestyle.

And just like our mobile app, we’ve priced it so EVERYONE can access and enjoy it!